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Age 16
Family Lulu Pickles (great-aunt)
Grandpa Lou (great uncle)
Series information
First seen Happy Taffy
Last seen Kimi Takes the Cake
Portrayer Amanda Bynes
Sarah "Taffy" Maynston is the Rugrats new babysitter, and all of them love her. She calls the Rugrats "Minis" (she calls Dil "Super Mini") and treats them like her friends, not as babies. They also love the fact that Taffy is always singing songs, since she is the lead vocalist of her own band called Taffy and The Saltwaters. She also gets to take the babies to places they wouldn't normally get to go with their parents, like high school football games, the video arcade, and rock clubs where her band is playing. Like her great-aunt Lulu, Taffy is a bit clumsy, but that doesn't stop her from keeping a close eye on the Minis, but since she is also easily distracted, Taffy allows Tommy and the gang to go off on their own adventures.


Taffy is Lulu's sugary sweet and unbearably beautiful 16 year old grand-niece, who was hired as a regular babysitter for the babies (or "The Minis" to Taffy). Using her unorthodox methods of babysitting, Taffy has proven herself to be the best babysitter the youngsters have ever had. Being the lead singer of her band, 'The Saltwaters', she also loves to sing and play guitar; she is also a little clumsy despite her sweetness and beauty. She cares about the environment and also believes in honesty. Angelica admires Taffy greatly, which makes her ecstatic to have her own "groupie".