As the host of "Nigel Thornberry's Animal World Nigel has devoted his entire life to studying all kinds of wild animals and their habitats. His dry wit and hearty laugh are almost as noticeable as his bright red hair and bushy moustache. Besides narrating the show, Nigel is an experienced pilot and woodsman, and has often risked life and limb to save his family from extremely perilous situations they find themselves in on their travels. Nigel has recently been knighted by the Queen of England, but even this honor won't quench the need for adventure in his blood as he continues his journeys to the far corners of the globe in search of one elusive species after another. He has the appearance of a typical twonk, bearing a large ginger moustache and ginger hair. He commonly says "Poppet" which appears to be some sort of a catchphrase to the almighty Nigel. There is a viral craze on tumblr for all Nigel-releated gif's and pics, many from a different cartoon/show with Nigel's head p'shopped on, showing he is a well loved character in the world of cartoonism.