Species: Human

First Appearance: Tommy's First Birthday

Age: 75 (2 weeks older than Boris)

Family: Didi Pickles, Boris,

Minka is Boris's wife, Ben and Didi's mother, as well as Tommy and Dil's grandmother.She's of the Jewish faith, she's a loving grandmother even to Angelica (technically, she would be) and like her husband has some trouble saying some things to the children into English. Like her long-time husband, she is originally from the "Old Country", but unlike Boris she doesn't seem to be from a poor family. She was most likely from a hard-working family. Most of what is true about Boris also applies to Minka, except that Minka does not believe in many of the stories that Boris tells. She tends to be more agreeable to whatever is happening, now. However she is skeptical on some things, such as in on "Mother's Day", Didi attempted to take her to her favorite spa for Mother's Day. However, Minka was not very comfortable taking a mud bath with strangers and didn't like the idea of paying so much for mud when she says "You can get mud for free in your own backyard".

She's hinted to be a bit of bad cook at some things, such as her borsch. Her husband whispered to Grandpa Lou "It tastes like glue, but what do I know. I've been eating it for years". She and Boris tend to argue over their differences over traditions. At one time she shouts "This ISN'T the old country, Mr. No-Chocolate Cake", meaning that she believes he needs to mind his own business. She adores her grandsons and dotes on them, calling them the "dumplings". She, like Trixie was with Lou, tends to be the voice of reason and the one who tells the truth. One example could be in "Toys In the Attic", when they think they've lost Tommy and Angelica, Boris comes back saying he found them. However, when Minka goes relieved to see them, she suddenly becomes angrily and says sarcastically, "Good work there, Mr. Columbo. Except you forgot one thing". When he asks what, she shouts out that he picked up the wrong kids, pointing out these two children look nothing like Tommy and Angelica. She also likes to keep things clean, however the only thing she can't clean are Boris's glasses for Passover wine which is seen in "A Passover Story". This infuriates her how Boris won't let her clean his glasses. Just like her daughter Didi she is voiced by Melanie Chartoff.