Species: Human

Spouse: None

Family: Susie Carmicheal, Buster Carmicheal, Edwin Carmicheal, Randy Carmicheal, Dr. Lucy Carmicheal,

First Seen: Meet the Carmicheals Alisa is the Carmichaels' oldest child, who babysat for the babies while Stu and Randy went out for a night. Alisa is a normal typical teenager, desiring indepence, loves gossipping on the phone, hanging out with her friends and boyfriend Tad, and is overly concerned about her appearence. She at one point over reacted when Susie unintentionally pointed out a zit to her. She is old enough to drive a vehicle. She thinks that her parents treat her like a kid, and wants to be more independent. Like Charlotte, she also spends much of her free time talking on the phone. Although Alisa is trying to be more adult, she's not above playing and hanging out with her younger siblings. She even enjoys reading children's books to Susie and Tommy.

In "The Last Babysitter" Alisa is finally given a chance to prove herself and tries to baby-sit her siblings and Tommy. But just as she does, the lights go off and she gets nervous as she hears some noise downstairs. Her younger brother Buster volunteers to go and see for her, then rushes up saying there was "something" downstairs. Insisting she call their parents, but as she does the phone's dead. Susie watching this, and also desires to help her older sister with her baby-sitting job, gets Tommy to sneak upstairs with her and look for the "monster". As they do, Alisa realizes their gone and begins to worry when she can't find them downstairs, oblvious that Buster is enjoying seeing her freak out. After exploring the second floor, Susie and Tommy find the "monster's" hair and come back downstairs, showing it to her. But Alisa begins to piece everything together when she realizes that they had found Buster's old wig for his Halloween costume last year. As they go to investigate, Buster's room, she realizes that he and his friend Sticky had decided to play a prank on her for sending him home. To which Alisa stands her ground, making them fix the lights, sending Sticky home and sending Buster to bed for the prank. Afterwhich she thanks Susie and Tommy for being there for he